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Star Physical Therapy has promoted hands-on treatment and therapeutic exercise programs since its inception. At our outpatient therapy clinic, you can expect immediate care. Appointments can be scheduled within 24 hours of your initial phone call, and therapists are always ready to see you for specialized, one-on-one sessions in the following areas:

Physical Therapy
The latest in physical therapy exercise programs and pain management, on-going communication with your physician and a dedicated, caring staff. Home based consultation is also available if needed.

Orthopedic Therapy
Pre-surgery and post-surgery care, treatment for neck and back pain, rotator cuff and shoulder injuries, knee and hip replacements, work related injuries, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, plantar faciitis (foot pain), vertigo and more.

Massage Therapy
We provide massage therapy as a daily compliment to your physical therapy. This speeds the healing process and increases circulation. Your massage will vary according to your needs and may include deep friction massage, myofascial release, or geriatric massage.

Geriatric Care
Physical Therapy limits the effects of osteoporosis, arthritis, and swollen joints. Our specialized geriatric care regimen is designed to improve mobility, strength and flexibility, while increasing endurance. We also provide fall prevention training, commonly necessary for individuals over 65.