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Our caring and dedicated staff are a big reason why patients confidently recommend Star Physical Therapy to their family and friends. But we also offer advanced technology that allows us to provide outstanding care.

Laser therapy

Laser Therapy
Used as anti-inflammatory for muscle, tendon and joint tissue. Reduces pain, edema and swelling.

Anodyne® Therapy
Infrared light therapy that increases circulation, reduces pain, stiffness and muscle spasms, and promotes balance and fall prevention.

Electrical Stimulation
Prevents muscle atrophy, strengthens muscles and promotes faster healing.

Decreases inflammation, muscle spasms, muscle guarding and neuropathy.


Fall Risk Screening and Conditioning Program
Assesses and reduces risk of falling and rehabilitates total hip and knee replacements and other orthopedic and neurological conditions to improve mobility.

Hot/Cold Compressions
Use of moist heat, paraffin (wax) or ice massage to decrease pain, muscle spasms or edema, and increase circulation.